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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lebensstil Waffle Maker PST700SS

邱妈咪online从这链接网站1234 e-store买了一个新的LEBENSSTIL-5合1点心制作机。今早就试用了 。  效果还蛮不错, 快热, 不用等太久。 热度也适中。这间电器商品店位于槟城Gurney Plaza 3楼,口啤不错。 邱妈咪从这商店买了不少厨房器材, 很满意他们家的售后服务态度。
Mommy Khoo bought a new  LEBENSSTIL 5 in 1 Snack Maker online from this 1234 e-store website. This shop is actually located at 3rd floor, Gurney Plaza Penang。 They provide excellent after sales service. I have bought quite a number of kitchen utensils from them, namely: Kenwood Major Chef Mixer, Delonghi Electric Oven, Kenwood Digital Weighing Machine...etc, and the latest is the purchase of this snack maker online.

Tested the machine this morning and very happy with the outcome: it's fast and evenly heated. 
烤到这样的效果需要5分钟/Takes 5 minutes to get this result

摆盘时以漂亮的一面示人/ Show them the beautiful and crispy sides

The following ingredients yield 6 pieces of waffle by this machine:
普通面粉 - 150g(1 杯)/150g(1cup) all-purpose flour
细砂糖 - 2 汤匙/2 tbsp sugar
发粉/泡打粉- 2茶匙/2 tsp baking powder
盐 - 1/2茶匙/1/2 tsp salt
牛奶粉 - 2 汤匙/2 tbsp whole milk powder

水 - 200g (1杯)/200g(1cup) water
或溶化奶油 - 2汤匙 /2 tbsp corn oil or melted butter
鸡蛋 - 2 颗/Egg - 2 nos

Please visit  Easy-make-waffle site for the method.

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