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Friday, 23 September 2011

香脆酵母威化饼 / Crispy Yeast Waffle

用富含维他命B群酵母制作的香脆威化饼, 会散发出酵母的独特香气, 虽然需提早12~24小时准备的材料,制作过程也比较麻烦, 但是担待是值得的。。『如果您怕麻烦, 就尝试制作简单的香脆威化饼

普通面粉 - 285g / 285g all-purpose flour
细砂糖 - 2 汤匙  / 2 tbsp sugar
即溶酵母 - 2茶匙 /2 tsp instant yeast
盐 - 1茶匙 /1 tsp salt
牛奶粉 - 8汤匙 /8 tbsp whole milk powder
水 - 400g /400g water

粟米油/食油或溶化奶油 - 4汤匙 /4 tbsp corn or melted butter 
蛋 - 2颗  /2 large eggs
凡尼拉香精 - 1茶匙(随意)/1 tsp vanilla extract(optional)



In a large bowl whisk together the flour, milk powder,baking powder, salt and sugar.  
In a separate container whisk together the egg and water, add in the vanilla. Later add the egg mixture to the flour mixture, all at once, and stir just until combined. 
Stir in the melted butter or corn oil。

把容器旁的粉浆刮下, 加盖, 放入冰箱冷藏最少12小时至24小时
Scrape down the sides of the bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 12 hours or up to 24 hours.

烘烤前先把烤箱预热至100度C, 把烤架放在烤箱中间, 然后用已经预热好的威化机烘烤威化。

Heat the waffle iron according to the manufacturer's instruction.  Adjust an oven rack to the middle position and heat up the oven to 100 degrees C. 

把发酵膨胀成3倍的粉浆搅排气, 搅至光滑, 才开始烘烤:
Stir down the batter until smooth before baking:

大约8分满即可, 然后盖上烘烤7分钟

把烤好的威化逐个排放在烤箱内的铁架,千万别重叠。当全部的威化烤好后,让威化继续考5~ 10分钟至香脆为止。先置入烤箱的威化饼, 先烤好的就先拿出来。
Transfer the waffles to the wire rack (don't overlap), and keep warm in the oven. Repeat with the remaining batter.  Before serving, let the waffles crisp in the oven, about 5 ~10 minutes.

威化饼乘热吃最可口, 香香脆脆的, 放冷了就会变软。 不过可以用烤面包机翻热, 一样美味。  如果是配甜的馅如果酱,咖椰,蜜糖,或鲜奶油, 糖可以少放些。如果是配牛油, 就做比较甜的。 因为奶奶不能吃甜, 所以我们做成咸的。
It is best to serve the waffles immediately along with butter and maple syrup. These are also wonderful when served with fresh berries and whipped cream as a dessert.

提示: 如果你不想用香精,可以加一大匙的蛋黄粉/卡士达(custard powder), 利用蛋黄粉的香气来提香。

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