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Monday, 31 October 2011


经济实惠有富有营养的威化饼可以说是很多小孩都爱吃的点心, 尤其是配着酸酸甜甜的自制草莓酱, 真的是很吸引小孩的胃口。所以邱妈咪买了一台威化饼制作机, 小小投资,家人们多多收益。。。。。

 A Cosway distributed Empress Snack Maker or  A Pensonic distributed LEBENSSTIL 5 in 1 snack maker from 1234estore.com is worth investing for the benefit of family members. Healthy and tasty braekfast!

4~6片四方片的材料:             Ingredient for 4~6 square pieces:
普通面粉或全麦面粉 - 140g(1杯) 140g(1cup) all-purpose or wholemeal flour
细砂糖 - 1~2 汤匙(或用代糖) 1~2 tbsp sugar(or artificial sweetener)
发粉/泡打粉- 2茶匙                   2 tsp baking powder
盐 - 1/2茶匙                                1/2 tsp salt

牛奶粉/或低脂奶粉 - 3 汤匙     3 tbsp milk powder/or skim milk
水 - 200g(1杯)                            200g water (1 cup)
蛋 - 1颗                                       1 large egg
凡尼拉香精 - 1/4茶匙(随意)     1/4 tsp vanilla extract(Optional)

粟米油/溶化牛油 - 2汤匙           2 tbpn corn oil/melted butter


In a large bowl whisk together the flour, milk powder,baking powder, salt and sugar.  
In a separate container whisk together the egg and water, add in the vanilla. Later add the egg mixture to the flour mixture, all at once, and stir just until combined. 


Stir 2 tablespoon of corn oil or melted butter and stir well.

想要更松化的威化饼, 可参考这改良版威化饼的做法。
Wish to have a fluffier waffle, you may do it the Improvised Way of making Waffle.

然后跟随您的威化制作机的指示操作, 先预热威化机5分钟(也许需要先在烤盘上搽油)。
Depending on your machine's instructions, preheat your machine for 5 minutes first, you may need to lightly grease the grids.
大慨约8分满的粉浆就行了, 盖起烤5~7分钟即可。
烤好的饼,中间的比较完整,两边的因为粉浆比较少, 所以有洞洞

低脂威化饼虽然不比普通的威化饼好吃, 但是乘热吃还是一样香香脆脆的, 如果放冷了就会变软。 不过可以用烤面包机翻热, 一样美味。 吃不完的饼可以冷冻起来, 要吃时先解冻后再用烘面包机烘热即可。

It is best to serve the waffles immediately along with butter and Home made strawberry Jam. These are also wonderful when served with Ice-cream as a dessert.
Waffles freeze well too. You can make a bunch of them. Freeze them on a cookie sheet single layered. Once frozen keep them in a zip lock bag. They are ready to go in the morning. Get them thawed and reheat them in your toaster

1.  如果你不想用香精,可以加一大匙的蛋黄粉/卡士达(custard powder), 利用蛋黄粉的香气, 其实放不放香精或蛋黄粉都无所谓的, 烤出来的饼有鸡蛋香。

If  you do not have essence of vanilla, substitute the vanilla with a tablespoon of custard powder for the flavor, or just go without any of these, you still will have your delicious snack.

2.  想当早餐, 又怕时间干不及, 可以前一晚先把材料(除了发粉)准备装在保鲜盒内收在冰箱, 第二天一早只需把发粉加入搅拌均匀即可。
 Prefer fresh waffle? Try not to rush in the morning, prepare the mixture without the baking powder the night before and keep tight in the refrigerator, stir in the baking powder just before baking the waffle early next morning for breakfast.

3.   要更香脆的口感, 可以用20g的玉米粉+10g的粘米粉取代30g的面粉。
 Wish to have more crisp, substitute 30g of flour with 20g of corn starch and 10g of rice flour.

4.  要更健康的吃法, 可以用全麦面粉取代普通面粉, 或加入一些燕麦或麸皮。 想要低脂饮食, 可以不用加入粟米油或溶化牛油。
For a healthier version, use whole grain flour or substitute some plain flour with oat meal or wheat bran and go without the oil or butter. They taste good as well

想做巧克力口味的, 先在面粉内加入1大匙的可可粉混合均匀后, 才加入蛋液(多加1大匙水)For Chocolate Flavor, add in 1 tbsp cocoa powder in the dry ingredients and mixed well before adding the egg mixture (add in extra 1 tbsp water).

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