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Friday, 31 August 2012

弹跳牛肉丸/Bouncy Beef Ball

除了脆口的猪肉丸/贡丸外, 家里的小孩最喜爱会弹跳的牛肉丸了。。。

1.。 1000 克牛腱子肉, 清理后打横切成5mm薄片,太硬的牛筋切不下的要去掉。喜欢牛膻味的话,可以加50克的牛脂肪( 小儿子特喜欢牛膻味, 现在熟稔的牛肉贩知道我买牛腱要做肉丸时,会自动免费送一小块的牛脂肪)。把切好的肉片平摆在盘上,放入冷冻库2~3小时,让它变成半结冰状态。
2。  4茶匙盐
3。  2茶匙发粉。
4。 4茶匙糖
5。  碱水-1/2茶匙加2汤匙冰水稀释(也可以不放,有人会问碱水是什么作用, 老人家说是能使肉丸有弹性,我则觉得有放或没放都没什么差别。但是因为自己有烧龙眼木灰来萃取碱水, 100%全自然,所以就有放(稀释后是有甘甜味的)。外面卖的碱水我就不用, 都是用化学物品来参水制作的, 味很苦)

B)  2 eggs - chilled in the refrigerator before use。
      2 粒蛋- 先放入冰箱冷藏。

C) 1汤匙食油(也可以用蒜头油,依喜好决定),2~3汤匙玉米粉, 少许黑胡椒碎或白胡椒粉(也可以什么香料都不放, 吃原味)
C)  Other ingredients: 1 Tbsp cooking oil or fried garlic oil,2~3 Tbsp corn flour,and dash of white pepper or black pepper

A)  1000 gm beef, cut to smaller pieces and freeze for 2 ~3hours(Beef ball is best using the shank, it is really very bouncy. If only lean beef is available, you may add 3%~ 5% (30g~50g) lard into the meat. To much fat is not good, the meat balls will not bounce, IF YOU PREFER LARD, THAN OMIT THE COOKING OIL) 4 tspn sugar, 4 tspn salt, 2 tspn baking powder。 1/2 tspn of lye water (optional) diluted into 2 tablespoon of icy water

1.  分做2批次, 每1次把500g的牛肉片放入食物调理机内,开动机器, 慢慢加入1 粒蛋液搅打1分钟,接着下1汤匙稀释的碱水再搅打1分钟,搅打至成肉酱,在调理机继续转动的情况下, 先加入2茶匙的糖搅打1分钟,接着加入2茶匙的盐搅打1分钟,最后下1茶匙的发粉打最后1分钟(整个过程大约4~5分钟)。完成后再重复调理另外一批。如果您的调理机是小型号的,您就得斟酌分3批次或4批次调理了。建议您投资一个食物调理机, Philips HR7761 (USD110) 型号 或 Philips HR7774 (USD350) 都很理想,杯子中间无孔的设计不会漏浆。

1. Mince the meat in 2 batches in a food processor until a paste is form. For each batch gradually add in 1 egg mixture , keep processing for 1 minute, than add in 1tablespoonful of diluted lye water and run for 1 minute to form a smooth paste. While keeping the machine running, add in 2tspn of sugar, process for 1 minute, than add in 2 tsp salt and keep the machine running for another 1 minute and lastly 1 tspn of  baking powder to process for the final 1 minute.(total processing time is 4~5minutes). If your machine size is small, it is advisable to process in 3 or 4 batches for best result.

2. 把全部的肉酱倒入一个大盆内, 加入(C)的其他材料, 用个手或大饭匙,顺时针的方向使劲出力的搅动至少8~10分钟至肉酱起胶(肉酱会发亮,而且很黏)。如可以用电动搅拌机,效果会比较好。
2. Combine all the 2 batches of chicken paste from the food processor in a large mixing bowl. Pour in all the (C) ingredients  and mix into the paste, stir slowly (in one direction) for at about 8 ~ 10 minutes, (use either your hand or a spatula). Or an electric mixer. I have heard some people used bread machine to knead the meat paste by using dough kneading function. They start straight from the mince beef or pork plus all otehr ingredients, and knead for 2 rounds.

3. 把起胶的肉酱盖好, 放入冰箱30分钟。
3. Cover bowl and place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

4.  煮滚一锅水, 水滚后熄火或转成最小火,开始挤肉丸。
4. Boil a pot of water. Put out the fire once the water has boiled and start the meatball squeezing process.

5. 先把手弄湿, 用虎口挤肉酱, 再用个1/2汤匙的圆底量匙舀起肉丸, 放进热水内。每打个肉丸, 把汤匙沾水一次, 免得肉酱粘在匙上。
 5. Scoop the paste onto your wet hand. Push the paste through your thumb and 2nd finger by making a fist.  Use a wet 1/2 Tablespoon measurement spoon to scoop and drop it into the hot water. To prevent the paste from sticking to the spoon, wet the spoon with water.

6. 把肉酱挤满半个锅后,开始点燃炉火(只可用中火), 不过别让水滚(避免肉丸膨胀过度, 失去弹性), 当水的热度达到80度左右时, 马上转最成小火, 加盖, 焖5分钟。把还没打完的肉酱先收在冰箱内, 以免升温。开始第二轮的操作前, 记得要熄火。
6. Continue until the chicken balls filled up the bottom layer in of the pot. Now turn on the medium heat, caution:  do not let it boil. When the water temperature reaches about 80 degree C, turn to lowest flame and covered the pot and simmer for about 5 minutes....if not your chicken balls will not have 'bounce'. While cooking the chicken balls, any leftover paste should be kept in the freezer.
工欲善其事, 必先利其器。 建议您投资一支精准的温度计。

7. 在个大盆子内放冰水, 把焖好的肉丸捞起,投入冰水急速降温,以免肉丸表面干黑。
7. Fill a big basin with icy cold water. Scoop out the chicken balls and let them cooled in the cold water.

8. 没吃完的肉丸分小包冷冻起来, 以备用。
8. After the chicken balls have cooled, use as required or freeze.

9. 煮肉丸子的高汤滋味甜美,不要浪费哟,用来下面或煮肉粥都很好。
The stock after making the meatball is very nutricious and tasty, good for cooking noodles or meat porridge.

Please refer to the following video which I downloaded from Neckredrecipes.blogspot.com
in this video, icy water is used instead of egg mixture.
以下是从Neckredrecipes.blogspot.com转载的视频(Ipad 看不到, 电脑就能看到), 希望能让大家了解肉丸的做法:  只是不同的是我用冰蛋液取代冰水。 

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