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Thursday, 9 August 2012

嫩滑水蛋茶碗蒸/Silky Smooth Egg Custard Chawan Mushi

说起茶碗蒸, 很多人都屡试屡败,蒸出来的蛋像蜂巢, 充满了气孔。这里有一道零失败的嫩滑水蒸蛋, 包你成功蒸出嫩嫩滑滑的水蛋, 而且只需要蒸3分钟而已,不相信是吗? 快来试一试哟!!而且这是一道低脂食品, 适合减重的美眉食用! Please believe me, you can get a silky smooth steamed egg custard for just 3 minutes of steaming effort. Furthermore this is a low fat dish which is very suitable for weight watcher!

鸡蛋液/Egg Mixture-1碗/bowl ( 4~5颗全蛋/whole chicken egg)
水/water(或高汤/ or stock) - 2碗/bowls
(水是双倍蛋液蛋液的量/double the egg mixture volume for water)
盐/salt - 1/2茶匙Tspn
味啉/Mirin(日本甜米酒/Japanese sweet rice wine) - 2茶匙Tspn
没有味啉, 可以用1茶匙米酒+1茶匙细砂糖+1茶匙热水混合取代/or substitute mirin with 1 tspn of rice wine + 1 tspn of sugar + 1 tspn hot water

浸发香菇 - 1朵切成薄片/1 sliced black mushroom
蟹柳 - 2条切薄片/2 sliced Crab filament sticks
或其他已经略微汆烫熟的海鲜如虾仁片,墨鱼,还是鸡肉片或猪肉末等等。(鸡肉片或肉末先铺在器皿内蒸熟)or any blanched seafood of your choice, or sliced chicken meat or minced pork(steam the chicken or pork first in the container).

1。 先把蒸蛋用的器皿, 置放入厚底的蒸锅内。蒸锅内要先放个矮铁架,蒸蛋用的水最少要淹没到蒸蛋器皿底部的1/3.  Put the container/bowl for steaming egg custard on a steel rack placed in a thick bottom steamer pot. The water level must submerge at least 1/3 of the bottom of the egg container/bowl.

2.  把配料平均的佈在器皿内, 盖起锅盖, 开大火煮开锅内的水。Arrange the mushroom and seafood of your choice evenly in the bowl. Close the lid and start boiling the water.

3.  现在开始准备蛋液, 把蛋及水在另外一个容器内,加入盐及味啉打均匀, 尽量别打起泡。Start preparing the egg mixture. Beat the egg, water, wine and salt in another container until just combine. Avoid creating much foams.

4.  等蒸锅内地水大滚后, 把蛋液直接过滤进蒸锅内已经加热的蒸蛋器皿内。When the water in the steamer pot boils, sieve the egg mixture directly into the heated bowl inside the steamer pot.

5.  盖起锅盖(一定要盖密, 别漏气哟!),    中大火蒸3分钟后, 马上熄火, 别好奇开盖偷偷看,等至少20分钟后才可以开盖。 Close the pot lid tightly, steam at  medium high heat for 3 minutes and turn off the stove fire immediately. Let the pot standing on the stove and DON'T OPEN THE LID FOR AT LEAST 20 MINUTES.

6.  塔拉。。。。! 嫩滑的蒸蛋就呈现在眼前啦!! Ta da !... the silky smooth egg custard Chawan Mushi is ready

7.  想要中式风味的? 行! 另外在个碗内调匀各一汤匙的淡色酱油,葱头油或蒜头油,热水及几滴麻油,乘热淋在蛋面上,再撒些葱花即可享用。 Yearn for Chinese style steamed egg custard? Here you are, in a small bowl, combine 1 tablespoonful each of light soy sauce, fried onion or garlic oil and hot water, plus a few drops of sesame oil. Then pour the sauce mixture over the egg custard and sprinkle with some chopped spring onion before just serving the dish.

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