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Thursday, 26 July 2012

包粉/Pao Flour

什么牌子的包粉好用, 以邱妈咪的经验, 就是以下两种:
 I prefer the following 2 types of pau flour sold in local market:

杂货店里卖的散装称斤两来卖的蓝玫瑰粉(不是红玫瑰, 红玫瑰粉是做蛋糕用的)
现在邱妈咪多数用蓝玫瑰粉, 因为用老面发酵法, 酵母用的比较少, 不需要这么多包附上的酵母粉。
This Blue Roses flour (do not miss up with Red Roses Flour which is meant for cakes) is used when I make pau using starter dough method (old dough proofing for 6~8 hours)  because less yeast is needed.

盒装的蓝锁匙包粉, 内有附2包即发酵母粉。
做简单的直接发酵法时, 就买这盒装的比较方便, 因为配来的酵母粉刚好可以用完, 不会浪费。
Will only buy this pau flour when making pau using direct dough method as the 2 packets of instant yeast provided are all used up, no wastage. 

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