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Wednesday, 6 June 2012


今早读到一则新闻, 一名5岁的小女孩在一家私人俱乐部的泳池内溺毙。 当时我在想, 如果救人的人群当中, 有人曾经读过这篇新闻的话, 或者这不幸的女孩能够被救回来, 因为她被拉起来时是还有呼吸的。
这方法有科学根据吗? 我想应该有吧! 第一, 倒头葱能让血液流向心脏及大脑, 可以预防脑死。 第二, 溺水者的手在拯救者跑动的当儿会不停晃动,扩张肺膈膜,身体也不停的被跑步的步伐震动着, 有苏醒心肺的作用。 第三, 肺里的积水可以倒流出来。
I read from today's News Paper that a 5 year old girl died from drowning in a private club‘s swimming pool. I was wondering if one of the rescue members had ever read this news before (the paper clip above), maybe this child could survive because she was still breathing when being dragged out from the pool!

Translation from the News Paper:  2 children were found drowning and showing no vital signs (stop breathing and lips turned purple blue) when rescued from a river at Guangdong Province China. The 2 samaritans age 55 and 39 who dragged the children out of water used the ancient method to revive these children.

They carried the children up side down at their back and running non stop along the river bank for almost 10 minutes, shouting "don't hold your child, we are saving life!" at the children's family who were trying to grab the children. They kept on running until the boy started to vomiting water and crying. Then followed by the girl returning to life.

Shall we call this a miracle or perhaps this Ancient Method really works!! Does anyone think that this method has any scientific grounds? I suppose it has: 1. Hanging the victim upside down encourage blood flows to the brain and lung which prevents brain death. 2. When the person who carries the victim runs, the arms of the victims swing vigorously following the steps rythum, this helps expending the lung diaphram and shocking the heart and lung, something like CPR does. 3. The upside down posture flows the water in the victim's lung out.

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