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Saturday, 16 June 2012

千层提拉米苏奶酪蛋糕/Layered Tiramisu Flavoured Cheese Cake

今天为了庆祝双亲节,我们做了免烤的提拉米苏口味奶酪蛋糕当饭后甜品。 做法也是很简单,只是材料和程序多了一些。 喜欢咖啡口味的肯定要试试看哦!


We have made this Tiramisu Flavoured Layered Cheese Cake as desert for Parents Day Celebration (well, our family members get together to celebrate both Father's Day and Mother's Day together). 

It is delicious and easy! Try making this if you like coffee. Oh yes, it is only Tiramisu Flavoured Cheese Cake, not a Tiramisu cake!

350g 咖啡口味或普通的马里饼/Coffee flavoured  or plain Marie Biscuit.

B: 750克奶油奶酪/ cream cheese
半杯浓牛奶/ 1/2 cup Milk
3/4杯糖(打成粉)/ 3/4Cup Sugar grind into powder form

C:咖啡液材料/Coffee Liquor (咖啡的用量可随您的口味增减, 在最后2层的奶酪馅内加入2汤匙咖啡酒)

 4汤匙兰姆酒隔水炖温(没有酒就用温水)/4 Tbpn warm Rum or water

1.5汤匙即溶浓缩咖啡/ 1.5 Tbpn instant coffee

(Adjust the volume of coffee used to your taste, add 2 Tablespoonful of coffee liquor into the last 2 layers of cream cheese mixture)

1.用搅拌机将软化的乳酪,牛油和糖搅拌均匀(可以用隔温水的方式进行, 比较容易融合)。慢慢再加入牛奶,搅拌至细滑无颗粒。 把奶酪混合物分成4份或5份。 Cream Ingredients B until silky smooth (you may use the warm water bath method to speed up the process), then divide the mixture into 4 or 5 equal portions.

2。将9寸活动方模铺上油纸或塑料纸(用胶纸在背后固定好)。Line a 9 inch detachable pan with grease paper or plastic sheet.

3。 然后 再将咖啡口味的马里饼排在方盘里(尽量排满)。Arrange the Marie biscuits in the pan as full as possible.

4。用刷子蘸咖啡酒液刷摆在盘中的玛丽饼。再在饼上面倒入一份乳酪糊,抹平。 Brush and wet the biscuits in the pan with Coffee Liquor Mixture.Then pour in a portion of the cream cheese mixture and level it.

4。再将马里饼排在乳酪层上,重复刷饼的程序,接着再倒入乳酪糊,再放一层马里饼干,又接刷一层咖啡酒液,接着再重复多一或两遍就行了。 在最后2份的奶酪馅内加入2汤匙或更多的咖啡酒, 拌均。  Arrange another layer of biscuits on the cream cheese mixture, brush the biscuits with coffee liquor mixture, follow by another layer of cream cheese. Then repeat the same procedure,until finish the last layer of the cake with cheese. Add 2 Tablespoonful or more of coffee liquor into the last 2 portions of cream cheese mixture

温馨小提示: 把刷了最后一层饼后所剩下的咖啡酒都拌进最后一层的奶酪馅内,别浪费!

5。最后一层的奶酪要尽量抹平(不很平滑没关系, 还要上面撒上一层厚厚的可可粉),最后用塑料纸或一个稍大的方形盘盖起,放入冰箱冷藏10小时后即可食用。Make the last layer in cheese and try to smooth the surface. Covered and refrigerated for at least 10 hours.

6。将蛋糕从模子里拿出来,最上层撒上一层巧克力粉(或把饼干用筛子 磨碎成粉)或刨些巧克力薄片,撒在蛋糕上,就可以切块享用了。 Garnish your cake to your taste, be it sprinkled with cocoa power, biscuit powder, Chocolate chips, pie filling, whipped cream and what so ever you like. Cut and serve.


  1. Hi,i saw ur cakes are very nice.May i ask where u learn it?Any recommed?

  2. I do not learn from any cooking class, just get the ideas from internet and other blogger sites. It is the experience that makes you a better cook or baker. Should you have any queries regarding this cake, I am more than glad to help and share.

  3. HI Thank for sharing. Like to check if I use powder sugar, do I use the same amount. Please reply to : lyndapsc@yahoo.com . Tks

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I tried to write to your email but the address is not valid, so I make my reply here.

      Yes, you can use powdered sugar at the same amount, or you can adjust the amount of sugar used to your taste.

      Best regards.

  4. Angie

    Can I ask you one question? Why need to refrigerate for at least 10 hours?


    1. We need to let the cheese be firm over time, otherwise it will be too soft to cut into pieces. Also the cheese needs time to develope the taste.