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Monday, 11 June 2012


新的粉碎机不锈钢杯沾满油污/A greasy brand new grinder's stainless steel grinding room

邱妈咪自从AliExpress.com  http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/200622网购了一台1000g的粉碎机后,再买了一台100g的粉碎机, 方便香料量不多时候的操作。这机器的粉碎刀及磨研杯的材质也是不锈钢的, 可以放心的用, 然后让家人安心快乐的享用食物。
 After I bought a 1000g herbs grinder/pulverizing machine from AliExpress.com supplier  http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/200622. I made another purchase for a 100g Grinder for the ease to process small amount of food. This smaller machine Grinding bowl and blades are made of Stainless Steel. No food contamination worries anymore.

网购体验: 这次这家网上公司的服务也很周到,不推卸责任,到手的商品的品质很好, 商品规格及功能跟网上所说明的一模一样,再一次值得推荐。
Shopping Experience : For this purchase,overall Mommy Khoo is very pleased with the excellent service provided by this company.  The specifications of the grinder and its performance are also as described in the internet. Again highly recommended.

收到后,先用一把米来启用粉碎机(看打出来的米粉面是灰色的哟!), 把米粉倒掉,然后用食用醋来擦拭一遍。没有米,或者可以用麦粒吧。
Use a handful of rice to clean the grinding room and blades as the opening use(Oh mine, the flour produced is grey in color!). Discard the flour, then polish the interior with a cloth damped with vinegar. If you do not have rice at home, maybe wheat or oat are good replacement.

再重复粉碎一次一把米, 这次打出来的米粉面是白色的, 就表示说机器干净了。
Repeat the cleaning procedure again with another handful of rice, now the flour produced is white in color, which means now the machine is cleaned.

The result of grinding Pepper corn for 1 minute.


  1. Hello mama,
    I am interested to buy this mill, will the end result powder feel hot/heat of over milled?

  2. Yes, the end result powder will be heated up after long use because the grinder is very powerful. Anyway this can be the beneficial point as it is very good for dried herbs to further dehydrate the herb powder which is good for storage.

    If you are using it to grind grain and rice, you need to rest the grinder after each round of usage,and sieve the milled flour.