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Thursday, 7 June 2012

千层巧克力柠檬乳酪蛋糕/Layered Choco Lemon Cheese Cake

这款免烤的奶酪蛋糕, 做法简单但又美味可口。 美眉和妈妈们, 赶快动手吧! 家人肯定会吃的讚不绝口的哦!! 嗯。。。。。其实并没有千层这么多啦! 只有8~10层而已啦。

This is an easy no bake layered cheese cake, it is easy to be made and yet very delicious. Just Try It!!

350g 巧克力马里饼(选择巧克力味比较浓苦的比较好吃)/Cocoa flavoured Marie Biscuit.

750克 cream cheese
200ml浓牛奶/ 200ml Milk or evaporated milk
3/4 杯糖(打成粉)/ 3/4 Cup Sugar ground into powder form

1 汤匙柠檬皮屑/1 Tbspn Lemon rind
2 汤匙柠檬汁/ 2 Tbspn Lemon Juice

1.用搅拌机将软化的乳酪,牛油和糖搅拌均匀(可以用隔温水的方式进行, 比较快融合)。慢慢再加入牛奶,搅拌至细滑无颗粒, 加入柠檬汁及柠檬皮碎, 拌均。Cream Ingredients B until silky smooth (you may use warm water bath to speed up the beating process), then add in Ingredients C and mix well.
2。将9寸活动方模铺上油纸或塑料纸(用胶纸在背后固定好)。Line a 9 inch pan with grease paper or plastic sheet.

3。然后 再将马里饼排在方盘里(尽量排满), 再在饼上面倒入一份乳酪糊,抹平。Arrange the Marie biscuits in the pan as full as possible. Then pour in a portion of the cream cheese mixture and level it.

4。 再将马里饼排在乳酪层上,接着再倒入乳酪糊,再放一层马里饼干,又接着再倒入乳酪糊。(先将乳酪称总重量,再除以4或5,因为要做8或10层的蛋糕,这样子每一层看起来就会平均了。您要做几层随您意, 重点是要平均分层).  Arrange another layer of biscuits on the cream cheese mixture, followed by another layer of cheese. Weigh the total weight of the cream cheese mixture first and divided into 4 or 5 equal portion, depending on how many layers you want your cake to be. The point is to get an even layered cake. 

5。最后一层的奶酪要尽量抹平(尽量啦! 不平没关系, 等下还要上面撒可可粉或饼干粉或刨些巧克力薄片遮丑),最后用塑料纸或一个稍大的方形盘盖起,放入冰箱冷藏10小时后即可食用(最好放过一夜,味道会更好)。Make the last layer in cheese and try to smooth the surface. Covered and refrigerated for at least 10 hours (It tastes better after refrigerated for overnight).

6。将蛋糕从模子里拿出来,最上层撒上一层巧克力粉(或把饼干用筛子磨碎成粉)或刨些巧克力薄片,撒在蛋糕上,也可以加些水果片(任何你所喜爱的皆可),就可以切块享用了。 Decorate your cake to your taste, be it sprinkled with cocoa power, biscuit powder, Chocolate chips and what so ever you like. Cut and serve.

下一次要用同样的方法, 做提拉米苏的口味的千层提拉米苏奶酪蛋糕! Our next mission is to try out a Tiramisu flovoured Layered Cheese Cake!

原本的方法是先把饼干泡在温奶内一秒钟后才排进盘内, 但是我个人觉得很难操作, 慢一点手脚的话, 饼干会绵烂。 所以我就跳过浸泡牛奶的程序, 就直接就把牛奶加入奶酪馅内(1杯), 让饼干自己慢慢的吸收奶酪内的牛奶, 效果还不错。

The original method is to dip the biscuits in warm milk for a second before arranging them in the pan. But I find this method is very tedious. I do it without the dipping process and increase the milk used in making the Cream Cheese mixture to 1 cup. Let the biscuits absorb the moisture from the cheese mixture and the result is fine. 


  1. angie

    it looked so good, will certainly give this recipe a try

  2. And yet it is very simple to make. Even a kid can help making this.