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Saturday, 31 March 2012

自己熏制凡尼拉/香草豆糖/Home Infused Vanilla Sugar

A 级有机凡尼拉荚香草豆/香草莢

凡尼拉荚香草豆/香草莢 - 10 条(打直破开, 然后剪成2段)(也可以使用萃取香精酒后风干的香草荚,数量要用多些)

Fine Grain Sugar - 2kg 
10 Vanilla Pods-cut lengthwise (or you may use the air-dried vanilla pods after making your Home Infused Vanilla Essence , but you will need more in quantity)

最好是使用玻璃罐,先把一半的糖倒入糖罐内, 然后插入一半剪开的凡尼拉荚
Half-filled a glass jar with sugar, stick in the vanilla pods.

然后再倒入另外一半的糖, 再埋入剩余的凡尼拉荚, 接着旋紧盖子,把糖罐置放在阴凉黑暗的橱内最少1个月。
Filled up the jar with the rest of the sugar, keep the sugar jar in a dark cool cabinet for at least 1 month

1.  Use 2 smaller jars. Take turn to refill the sugar jars to ensure constant supply of vanilla sugar.
2.  You can refill the sugar jar to reuse the vanilla pods for a few rounds. Grind the pods into powder for baking or cooking after using them for a year or so.
3.  Those tiny black dots in the sugar are the vanilla caviar where the aroma comes. Also you will find some oil stains in the lumpy sugar, they are vanilla oil stains. Please do not throw them away! Just break the sugar lumps before use.

1.  建议同时使用2个小型的糖罐子,分开熏制两个糖罐的凡尼拉糖, 轮流使用烹饪,这样子就可以有源源不绝的凡尼拉糖供应啦!
2.  使用过的凡尼拉荚还可以再循环数次使用来熏制凡尼拉糖。 一年过后再把它打成细粉,拌进细砂糖内用掉, 一点也不浪费。
3.  熏制出来的凡尼拉糖内, 会有一些小黑点, 别担心, 那是凡尼拉子来的! 有时会看到糖有些油渍, 那是凡尼拉油, 凡尼拉子及凡尼拉油是香味的来源, 可别挖起来丢弃喔!


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