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Sunday, 18 March 2012

多用途巧克力酱/Chocolate Sauce

Vanilla 冰激凌加上自家制的巧克力酱及烤杏仁碎, 真美味!

在家做威化饼时多数都是净吃或是涂蜜糖, 今天试煮了一些巧克力酱骗小孩, 还不错吃!


A)先在个厚底平底锅内充分拌匀以下干材料/whisk together in a heavy saucepan :
1。巧克力/可可粉-1杯/ 1cup cocoa powder
2。砂糖 - 2杯(可依口味斟酌增减份量)/ 2cups sugar (adjust according to your preference)
3。牛奶粉 - 4汤匙/ 4Tablespoon milk powder
4。盐-1/4茶匙/1/4tspn salt
5。玉米粉-1~2汤匙(调整你所喜欢的浓稠度)/ 1~2 Tablesppon corn starch(to adjust the consistency)

B)把所有干材料充分拌均后,再慢慢倒入1又1/4杯的温水, 充分搅拌融化均匀后, 才用小火煮至滚(煮时需不停搅拌), 再继续煮3~5分钟,熄火后加入1~2汤匙的凡尼拉香精酒(或1茶匙的人造凡尼拉香精)。我用的是纯天然凡尼拉香精酒,是自己用欧洲进口的Vodka酒浸泡有机Vanilla香草豆荚得来的,真的很香,很美味!
After fully mixed the dry ingredients in a saucepan, gradually add in 1 + 1/4cups of warm water into it, whisk slowly to fully dissolve the mixture. Boil the mixture using low flame, stirr continuously and keep boiling for 3~5 minutes. Let cool a bit and add in 1~ 2 teaspoonful vanilla extract and stirr well. I like to use homemade vanilla extract which I infuse by using vodka and organic vanilla pods. It smells wonderful!

C)巧克力酱放冷后装进罐内,需放进冰箱里冷藏。可以用来伴冰淇淋,蛋糕,搽面包,草莓等水果, 或是挤2汤匙进热牛奶内冲泡热可可饮品。
Bottle the chocolate sauce after completely cooled down and keep it refrigerated. Nice to take with ice cream,cakes, bread and fruits like strawberry. Or just add 2 tablespoonful of chocolate sauce into hot milk to make a cup of hot chocolate.

有人可能会问用几大的杯子? 我是用量杯, 250cc的量杯。 没有量杯的话, 普通的咖啡杯也差不多250cc的大小。

注:  邱妈咪现有代售A等级的有机凡尼拉荚, 每包RM58(内有10条), 2包RM110, 免邮费(只限马来西亚)。 有意购买请在留言板留言联络方式。 
 Mommy Khoo is a reseller of Grade A Organic Vanilla Pod.  Priced at RM58 per pack of 10 pods; 2 packs at RM110. Free postage within Malaysia.  Anyone interested please leave a message at the comment column for further contact via email. 


  1. 很高兴看到你的巧克力酱做法。 因我孩子学校有义卖会要用到这个巧克力酱, 请问如果隔夜煮了放凉,第2天会变硬吗 ?

  2. 很高兴您能用到这食谱,放心,放凉了不会变硬。就算放进冰箱也OK。