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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

挂炉脆皮烤鸭(Crispy Roasted Duck) / 烤箱烤鸭

邱妈咪前些日子买了个二手的火炭不锈钢烤炉。 一直以来都是用电烤箱烤鸡鸭, 这次为清明节祭祖,试用炭烤炉做了3只烤鸭。 因为是要祭祖用的, 所以还蛮紧张即将出炉的烤鸭的成品。。。

成品的色泽看起来还不错, 不过是总觉的成色方面还是有些待改进的空间。 其实做法不难, 前提是如果你是有兴趣的话。 下次要试试烤脆皮烧肉了, 还有叉烧。。。。
Mommy Khoo has recently bought a second hand stainless steel Charcoal Roasting Oven and tried using this charcoal oven to roast 3 ducks for Ching Ming Festival.  Before this Mommy Khoo used to roast using electric oven. The outcome was considered satisfactory with room for improvement. Anyway you still can use an electric oven to roast the duck, will try to use this charcoal stuff to make Crispy Roasted Pork Belly and Char Siew one day.... 


(A) 在一小碗内混合以下腌料:(In a container, mix together:)
       盐- 1汤匙( Salt - 1 Tablespoon)
       糖- 1汤匙(Sugar - 1 Tablespoon)
       酱油 - 1汤匙(Soy sauce - 1 Tablespoon)
       黑胡椒粉- 1茶匙 (Black pepper - 1 teaspoon)
       五香粉- 1茶匙 (5 spice - 1 teaspoon)
       花雕酒- 2汤匙  (Yellow rice wine - 2 tablespoon)
       八角 -  3 颗 ( star anise - 3 pieces)
       搅烂: 姜- 2cm, 蒜头2瓣, 乾葱2颗或半颗洋葱。(如果取得方便, 多加几片南姜和2粒砂姜下去搅风味会更佳)(Blend together: 2cm-ginger root, 2 cloves Garlic, 2 pieces shallot/or half an onion, add in a few slices of Lengkuas and  Cekur root to blend if available)

1.  把(A) 料倒入洗净的鸭肚腔内平均涂开, 用钢签在肚内肉厚的部位刺几下让腌料容易渗透。力道可要拿捏好, 小心可别把鸭皮刺穿喔!更别刺伤自己的手。
Pour mixture (A) into the duck's cavity and rub evenly. From inside the cavity, use a skewer to poke several times, especially the breast (thick) part to ensure a better marinate process.  Be careful not to puncture the duck's skin and hurt yourself accidentally.

2.  用钢签或竹签把开膛的部位别上(缝密)。收在冰箱内隔夜, 或最少腌3小时。把腌好的鸭子挂好, 就可以开始烫鸭的步骤了。
Pin up the opening using a skewer and let the duck sitting in the refrigerator overnight or at least 3 hours. After which we can start the scalding procedure.

3. 烫皮:在炒菜锅内烧开1500ml的水,把鸭子浸在滚水内一分钟,翻面,继续烫一分钟, 或重复至鸭皮紧缩。
Bathe the duck in a wok  boiling water (1500ml) for 1 minute,  turn the duck and repeat bathing the duck with the boiling water for another minute or until the duck's skin shrank tight.

脆皮上色料: (Crispy Skin Coloring)
热水- 300cc    (Hot water - 300ml)
红麴米 - 2汤匙/没有红麴米就用1茶匙的老抽/黑酱油取代(2 tbspn red yeast rice or substitute with 1 tspn of dark soy sauce)
麦芽糖或蜜糖- 2 汤匙 (maltose syrup or honey - 2 tablespoon)
盐 -  1 茶匙  ( salt- 1 teaspoon)
白醋/水果醋 - 2 汤匙 (Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 Tablespoon)

4.  把烫好鸭皮的沸水倒剩下大概一碗(300cc)的分量在锅内, 放进红麴米浸泡一会, 水转红色后把红麴米捞掉,再加入麦芽糖, 盐, 及醋。不断的重复往鸭皮上冲至皮上色。
Discard most of the boiling water used for scalding the duck, keep about 300ml boiling water in the wok, boil the red yeast rice for a minute, then discard the red yeast  rice when the water turns red. Pour in the other Crispy skin coloring ingredients, stir to dissolve. Keep bathing the hot mixture onto the duck's skin a few times until skin colored.

5.  把上好色料的鸭子挂起, 用电风扇吹4~6小时至鸭皮乾锢。 天气热时, 请挂在冷气房内吹风扇。
Hang the colored duck in front of a spinning electric fan for 4~6 hours or until skin dried, keep this procedure in an air conditioned room during hot season.

6.  把吹干皮的鸭挂进预热的烤炉内,先烤背面30分钟, 在转过来烤胸面30分钟。
Hang the dried duck in the preheated charcoal stove, roasting the back first for 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes for the breast side or until finely done.

如果用电烤箱, 先把烤箱用上下火预热至200度C, 把鸭子放在烤盘内的烤架上,鸭胸向上,盖上铝箔纸,先烤30分钟至鸭半熟后, 去掉铝箔, 把鸭子翻过背面, 继续烤20分钟。 之后再翻,把胸面向上,将鸭翅尖、鸭腿尖比细小已经上色的部位用锡纸包裹住, 再烤20分钟或继续烤至鸭身上色即可。
If you are using an electric oven, preheat the oven using BAKE mode (upper and lower heating) to 200 degree C, place the duck breast up in a roasting pan lined with a metal rack, preferably a V rack, cover the duck with aluminum foil, bake for 30 minutes. Remove the foil, turn the duck around (back up) and continue baking for anotherb20 minutes. Later turn the duck breast up (Wrap the wings and thighs with foil to avoid burning) and bake for another 20 minutes or until the skin is done. 

邱妈咪在炭炉内加了一把龙眼果木(家里种了十多棵的龙眼果树,可以就地取材), 香气真的是不一样喔!

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