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Friday, 22 April 2011

姜葱肉片/Ginger Onion Beef/ or Pork

肉片 - 300g (牛/猪/鸡皆可)Beef Slices - 300g
姜片 - 3 片 (多寡依个人喜好)Ginger - 3 slices or accordingly
青葱 - 1 棵切段 1 Spring Onion - cut into 3cm length
洋葱 - 1颗切圈  1 Onion - cut into rings
蒜头 - 2 瓣切片  2 cloves Garlic - sliced
腌料:                 Marinate Ingredients:  
老抽 - 1汤匙      Soy sauce - 1 Tbpn
黑酱油 - ½茶匙 Dark Soy sauce - ½Tspn
玉米粉 - 1 茶匙 Corn Starch  -  1 Tspn
冷水 - 3 汤匙      Water - 3 Tablespoon
苏打粉 - 半茶匙 Soda Bicarbonate  - ½ tspn
胡椒粉 - ¼茶匙  Pepper - ¼ teaspoon
食油 - 1茶匙       corn oil - 1 teaspoon

酱料:                   Sauce Ingreients
蚝油 - 1汤匙        Oyster Sauce - 1 tablespoon
糖 - 半茶匙          Sugar -  ½ teaspoon
盐 - 半茶匙 (依口味增减)Salt - according to taste
花雕酒 - 1汤匙    Rice wine - 1 table spoon
水 - 1 杯                Water - 1 cup
芡水 : 半茶匙玉米粉+1汤匙 Thickener - ½ tspn cornstarch + 1 Tablespoon Water
香油 - 几滴          Sesame Oil - half teaspoon

1.  把肉片和腌料混合均匀后捉麻至肉片吸干水分, 腌20分钟。
     Marinate the meat slices, keep stirring and squeezing until all liquid has been absorbed by the meat. 
2. 把葱切段, 葱白另外放一边。   
    Cut the spring onion into 3cm length, separate the green and white parts.

3.  烧热炒锅, 下2汤匙油, 把腌好的肉片下锅, 用筷子拨散, 炒至肉片变色, 盛起。
     Heat the wok with 2 tablespoons corn oil, stir the marinated meat in the wok for about 2 minutes or  until  all the meat's color changed. Dish up.

4.  用原炒锅,下姜片,蒜片,洋葱圈, 葱白, 略炒一下。
Fry the ginger & garlic slices, onion and spring onion (white part) for 1 minute。
5.  把火转小, 下蚝油, 糖, 盐, 炒至蚝油变稠, 下花雕酒呛锅, 加入1杯水煮开。打芡。
   Turn down the flame, add in the Oyster sauce and sugar , fry until the sauce becomes sticky, add some salt to taste, turn up the flame, rinse in the rice wine from the rim of the wok to get special aroma.  Add in 1 cup of water, bring to boil and stir in the thickener.

 6. 下青葱段和肉片,稍微拌一拌,滚1分钟。 熄火, 加入几滴麻油。
  Add in the remaining spring onion(green part) and cooked meat, boil for 1 minutes, sprinkle some sesame oil before served.
7.  也可以预先炒两颗滑蛋, 和肉片一起拌入。 
You can also make an plain soft egg omelette and add in together with the cooked meat.

2 颗蛋, 加2汤匙水稍微搅拌一下, 用少量油在锅内炒成蛋块, 注意炒时要轻慢, 不要将蛋炒散。(还没炒肉片之前, 先炒蛋。 这样就不用洗锅啦!)
锅烧热后, 先下点油, 倒入蛋液, 加盖焖1分钟。

用铲子把蛋反一反, 把蛋煎至凝结就好, 不要煎的太老。


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