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Monday, 28 January 2013


龙年快走入尾声了,依惯列今天家里举行祭祀酬谢神明,感恩这一年里风调雨顺,万事顺利,大家身体健康,出入皆平安。 昨晚赶工用两段蒸法蒸出2个白泡泡,幼绵绵,各重两斤(1公斤重)的大发包。蒸出来的大发包表面光滑不裂开, 看了真开心。

跟往常一样请了80岁的公公给大发包题字,各写了一个‘福’ 及 ‘发’字。当年家穷的公公只有机会念了两年的私塾,而他只会繁体字。每年家里凡是在包子上写字的功夫都是留给他老人家的,然后两个左撇子的儿子们都会说:阿公的字很漂亮哦,我们的字太难看了(真的是很难看~)!!他老人家就越写越开心!! (~。~)

如果想要比较有嚼劲的口感, 建议您用老面发酵法:
包粉/低筋面粉 - 350g
糖 - 1汤匙
水 - 190g
即溶酵母 - 2茶匙

If you want to have a more chewy texture, it is recommended that you use the old fermentation starter dough method: 
A  First, the ingredients  are divided into two parts:
(  (1)   Starter Dough:
Low gluten flour/ pao flour - 350g
Sugar - 1 tablespoon
Water - 190g
Instant yeast - 2 tsp

1. 包粉/低筋面粉 - 150g
2. 澄粉/玉米粉 - 50g
4. 玉米油 - 40g
5. 糖 - 80g
6. 盐 - 半茶匙
7. 发粉 - 1茶匙(不用也可以,发粉的作用是防止塌面)
8. 水 - 80g

(2) sweet dough
Low-gluten flour/pao flour - 150g
Wheat starch / corn starch - 50g
Corn oil/Lard/ Shortening - 40g
Sugar - 80g
Salt - half teaspoon
Baking powder - 1 tsp (Optional, the role of baking powder to prevent the collapse of the pao’s surface)
Water - 80g

A.  老面做法/Starter Dough:
1. 在一个搅拌盆内,先把第一次发酵面团(A)材料中的酵母,糖及一汤匙的面粉溶入190cc的温水中.
2. 放置20分钟以确定酵母的活跃性后(有发丰富的泡沫).
3. 再加入全部制作老面的低筋面粉
4. 揉2分钟成均勻的面團.
5. 蓋好让面团处于30度C的温度下發酵4~6小时
6. 发酵六小时后的面团,有濃郁酒香味。
1.     In a mixing bowl, dissolve the yeast, sugar and a tablespoon of flour in 190cc of warm water(50 degree C).

  2.   Leave for 20 minutes to determine the activeness of the yeast (rich foam seen).
  3. Then add all the balance of the low-gluten flour, stir well with a pair of chopsticks of spatula until all liquid is absorbed.
  4. Knead for 2 minutes to form a well combined dough.
  5. cover the dough and let it be fermented for 4 to 6 hours under the temperature of 30 degrees C
  6. six hours after the fermentation of dough, the dough is more than triple in size and looks foamy.

 B. 甜面团/Sweet Dough:
 1)1。先把 1茶匙的发粉加入玉米粉粉及低筋面粉过筛待用
2) 接着把(B)材料的细砂糖, 水,油等材料加入已经發酵了4~6小时的(A)面团中 ,搓揉至糖溶解。
3) 最后加入筛过的(1)干粉类,仔细揉15~20分钟至光亮不黏手,用机器搅拌的话则只需要8~10分钟。然后接下来做整形的动作。

 1) Sift together the wheat starch/corn starch together with the poa flour/ low-gluten flour  and 1 teaspoon baking powder.
 2) Add the rest of  material (B) of granulated sugar, water and oil to the starter dough, and knead until all the sugar dissolves.
3) Finally,  add in the sifted dry powders, carefully knead for 15 to 20 minutes until the dough is smooth and not sticky to hands. If  mixing machine is used, then you only need to beat for 8 to 10 minutes. 
4) Then shape the dough into a smooth round big bao.Place it on a piece of greaseproof paper, keep the bao covered in a steamer, let rise for at least 30 minutes (sometimes longer time is needed. Depending on the surrounding temperature).
5)待包子胀大超过双倍大后,把蒸笼放在已经煮滚了3000cc的水的炒锅上, 盖好蒸笼盖子,把炉火转小, 调好闹钟15分钟。

5) Wait until the bun has risen into more than double in size , put the steamer on the wok with 3000cc  hot boiling water, cover the steamer lid, immediately turn the stove to low flame, then set the timer alarm to 15 minutes to let the big bun fully rise in size.

6) 15分钟后把炉火转大成中大火,蒸至少35分钟,或至大发包熟透。

6)  After steaming the big bun for 15 minutes in low fire, then turn the stove fire to moderate high and steam for at least 35 minutes, or until the bun is well cooked. This Low to high flame steaming method is to ensure the big bun does not crack and fully develop in size, and does not collapse when cooled.
注: 用根竹签从笼底发包底部插入最厚的部位,抽出的竹签是干净的话则大发包就已经熟透了。

Note: Insert  a bamboo skewer into the thickest part of the bun through the bottom of the steamer’s gap. If the extracted bamboo stick is clean, the big bun is done.


  1. Angie,
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    1. Sorry that I didn't notice your message until today.

      I will do the translation next week after finished my tax return and account closing work.

  2. 你好我係來自香港的,好高興見到大發包食譜,我找了很久都找不到!我父母是潮州人,我希望學整潮州食品,你懂得鼠殼粿或潮州皂水糭嗎?

    1. 非常对不起, 这两种传统食品我还没学到呢! 有资料里我会再跟进。