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Monday, 7 November 2011


高筋面粉 -360g (如没高筋面粉, 妈妈们可以用普通面粉, 汉堡面包的口感要求没有这么高)
糖 -1汤匙
即溶酵母 - 1+1/2 茶匙
水 - 220g

Material A:
High-gluten or Bread flour-360g (if high-gluten flour is not available, moms can use plain flour, hamburger buns taexture’s requirements are not so high)
Sugar -1 tablespoon
Instant yeast - 1 +1 / 2 tsp
Water - 220g

全麦面粉 - 100g + 普通面粉50g混合均匀(如没全麦面粉, 也可以用普通面粉取代)
糖 -  2汤匙
盐 - 1茶匙)
酵母- 1茶匙
水 -  90g
奶粉 - 2汤匙
奶油/牛油 - 50g

Material B:
Whole wheat flour - 100g + plain flour 50g mixed evenly (if whole wheat flour not available, can also be replaced with plain flour)
Sugar - 2 tablespoons
Salt - 1 tsp)
Yeast - 1 tsp
Water - 90g
Milk powder - 2 tablespoons
Butter - 50g

1.  把全部材料A在一个盆内拌匀成团, 稍微搓揉后,盖起发酵2小时。
1.  Combine all ingredient A in a mixing bowl, knead slightly, covered and rise for 2 hours
把材料A在盆内用筷子拌匀。      用手搓揉大约3分钟的面团。         发酵2小时后的面团
Combine using chopsticks               Knead for 3 minutes                             After 2 hours of fermentation             
2.  发酵了2小时后, 把全部材料B(除了一半的全麦粉/面粉留起待用)加入盆内已发酵的材料A内, 用筷子搅拌拌匀。After 2 hours,  put all the material B (Keep half of the whole wheat flour / plain flour aside for further kneading work) into the material A,  mix well, stirring with chopsticks.

3.  把留下的面粉撒在工作台上, 把(2)的混合材料倒在面粉上, 开始搓揉面团的工程。
  Sprinkle the flour Kept from step 2 on the table, pour the mixed material (2) onto the flour, and began to knead the dough slowly.

4. 照图片的方法搓揉15 ~ 20分钟, 或参考以下视频。

According to pictures, knead for 15 to 20 minutes, or refer to the following video.

5.  把面团搓揉起筋至可以拉长成不会破的薄膜。
5.  knead the dough until it is not sticky to hands, and can be stretched into thin film.

6.  把搓揉起筋的面团滚圆,盖起放置15分钟。注:  这时先把烤箱预热3分钟后关掉电源。 当面团发酵15分钟后,切割滚圆时时, 烤箱的温度就会降到50度C左右, 刚好可以用来当发酵箱。 

Form a big round dough and covered for 15 minutes. Note: At this time, you can  Preheat the oven, turn the power off after 3 minutes of heating. After all the cutting and rounding work of the buns, the temperature of the oven will be down to about 50 degrees and is just nice to be for fermentation work.

7. 把第二次发酵后的面团分割成分成12等份的面团(每团约80g),滚圆整形后排列在涂了一层面包油的烤盘内。

Split the dough into 12 equal portions of dough (about 80g per group), rounded and arranged in a baking sheet coated with a layer of  margarine.

8.  把整形好的面团放置在烤箱内发酵60分钟。在把面包放人烤箱发酵前, 先用喷雾器朝烤箱的热管喷几次水,制造一些水蒸汽增加潮湿度, 然后才放人面包做最后发酵。

Placed in the oven for 60 minutes for proving. Before putting in the bread dough in to the warm oven, spray some water to the oven's  heating elements  produce water vapor to increase the humidity.

8.  一个钟头后, 把发酵成2.5倍大的面团取出,开始预热烤箱。 把面包涂搽一层水, 撒上芝麻(随意)。再把烤盘放入预热至180度C的烤箱内考12分钟。

After an hour, take out the buns and start preheating the oven. now the size of the buns will increased to 2.5 times, brush be a layer of water, sprinkle with sesame seeds (optional). Then return the buns into the oven which is preheated to 180 degrees C, Bake for 12 minutes.

9.  把烤好的面包放在网架上降温, 以免面包底部被水蒸汽弄湿。 冷却后的面包没马上享用的话, 可以收在冰格内好几个月, 需要用到时取出来解冻, 切开后在煎锅内煎香就可以夹汉堡肉块享用了。
Place the baked bread for cooling on the rack, in order to avoid the bottom of the bread getting wet by water vapor. After cooling, freeze the bread if it is not consumed immediately, it can be frozen for several months. Just take the bun out to thaw, heat up in a pan to make yummy hamburger.

10.  如果你嫌2次发酵的程序比较麻烦, 可以用直接发酵法:  把A料和B料直接混合在一块搓揉或搅拌5分钟后, 慢慢揉入50g的奶油,然后搓揉20 ~40分钟至起筋后, 把面团滚圆盖起, 发酵60分钟或至面团发至双倍大, 然后放气,然后接着进行步骤7 ~ 9的分割,整形及接下来的程序。
if you find this 2 times fermentation process is troublesome, you can use the direct straight dough method: Combine material A and B material (except butter) directly,  knead for 5 minutes, slowly rub in 50g butter into the dough, then knead for 20~40 minutes  until the dough in not sticky and can form a thin film when stretched. Let the dough proof for  60 minutes or until the dough is more then double in size. Punch down the dough and then followed by  steps 7 to 9, shaping and subsequent procedures.


  1. Can you write the English recipe for this bread.
    I don't know how to read chinese. Thanks a lot.

    1. Ma Wai,

      Here you are and happy baking~