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Thursday, 22 November 2012

照烧鸡/Teriyaki Chicken


孩子爱吃照烧鸡, 但是邱爹地不爱, 所以今晚的餐桌上就有了麻油烧酒鸡及照烧鸡囖, 各人各取所爱。哈!大帅哥就大吃两边,吃个不亦乐乎。。。。。

2 个去骨鸡全腿
味啉(日式甜酒MIRIN) - 2 大匙(如没有味啉, 可用2大匙米酒 + 1大匙糖)
糖 - 2 茶匙
日式酱油或淡酱油 - 2 大匙(如果你是重咸口味者,就可以用咸酱油)
水或高汤 -  1杯

2 boneless chicken legs
Japanese sweet wine mirin - 2 tablespoons (or 2 tablespoons rice wine + 1 tablespoon sugar)
Sugar - 2 tsp
Japanese soy sauce or light soy sauce - 2 tablespoons (if you are salty taste person, you can use the salty soy sauce)
Water or chicken broth - 1 cup

1.  鸡腿去骨后, 用刀尾稍剁几下, 把筋剁断, 这样煎后鸡腿不会缩成一团。

1. Use boneless chicken whole leg, use the end of the knife to chop a few times, to chop off the tendons, so that the fried chicken is not curled.

2.  把不粘锅烧热, 把鸡腿皮朝下, 煎至出油及焦黄色(大约3分钟)。

1 boneless chicken, use the end of the knife to chop a few times, to chop off the tendons, so that the fried chicken is not curled.

3.  翻面稍微煎一下,把鸡肉盛起, 倒掉鸡油。

3 Turn the chicken  upside down, slightly fried to brown, dish up the chicken, and drain chicken fat away.

4.  把全部酱汁材料下锅, 酱汁煮开后, 把鸡皮朝上下锅。 加盖, 小火焖3分钟。

Combine all sauces material in the pan, boil the sauce, place the chicken skin side up, covered and simmer over low heat for 3 minutes.

5.  把盖子打开, 把鸡块翻面, 皮朝下, 把火稍微转大一些至中小火,不加盖煮3到5分钟。

5. open the lid, flip the chicken over, skin side down, turn to medium heat, cover and cook for 3 to 5  minutes.

6. 接下来开中大火收汁至酱汁浓稠。(大约1分钟吧!看到了密密麻麻的细泡沫吗?!)

Turn to high fire flame to thicken the sauce. (About 1 minute! Can notice all the small bubbles?!..)

7.  待稍冷后切块, 淋上酱汁, 撒上些烤香的芝麻。(诶! 芝麻撒太多了, 变成芝麻鸡了嘞!)

7 cooled, cut and topped with sauce, sprinkle with roasted sesame. 

8.  如果想要更佳的风味, 把先前去肉的鸡骨用烤箱烤至焦黄, 加2杯水熬成1杯高汤后, 才用来煮酱汁
If you want to enhance the flavor, oven baked the chicken bones until browned, add 2 cups of water, and boil down to 1 cup of broth, and later use to cook the sauce.


1. 一定得注意煎煮时鸡皮朝上及朝下的顺序一定要对, 事关成品的卖相及香气。

2. 如果喜欢姜味的, 可以磨些姜呢,榨取姜汁下去烧鸡肉。

 (1) Must pay attention to the sequence of cooking,cook the chicken skin side up and down according to the correct  order, this will determine your finished product’s appearance and aroma.

(2) If you like ginger, add some ginger juice to the chicken broth for making the teriyaki sauce .

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