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Sunday, 11 December 2011


新年快到了, 在家轻轻松松炒鸡肉松, 简单, 经济又健康。
炒好的鸡肉丝, 用来制作酥炸迷你鸡丝春卷, 是人人都喜爱的零食。。。

A. 材料/Ingredients:
鸡胸肉/Chicken breast - 1kg
盐/salt - 1茶匙(tspn)
糖/Sugar - 2 茶匙(tspn)

B. 调味/Seasoning:
鸡高汤/Chicken Stock-1杯(Cup)
八角/ Star Anise - 3朵
桂皮/Cinnamon Stick - 1 小支
丁香/Clove - 3 朵
盐/salt- 1茶匙,依口味斟酌 (tspn,adjust according to taste)
酱油/Soy Sauce - 6汤匙(Tbpn)
糖/Sugar - 6~8汤匙,依口味斟酌(Tbpn, adjust according to taste)

当归/Dang Gui - 2 片(Slice) 如您喜欢当归的药材味/Optional if you prefer the herb's aroma

C. 黑胡椒/胡椒粉/Ground Black Pepper or pepper - 1 汤匙(Tbspn)

1. 先把鸡胸肉去皮, 切2cm宽的肉块, 加800ml水, 1茶匙盐及2茶匙糖, 放进气压锅内煮90分钟。 如果没有气压锅就用电子砂锅煮3小时。 把煮软的鸡肉块取出, 撕成细丝, 或用食物调理机打成细丝。(鸡高汤可以留起来煮食, 煮蘑菇汤最棒了) Skinned the chicken breast, cut into 2cm stripes, boil in a pressure cooker with 800ml water, 2 tspn sugar and 1 tspn salt for 90 minutes, or cook for 3 hours in a slow cooker. Dish out the tendered meat, press and make it into meat floss or you can use a food processor for this purpose. (I used the FP). Keep the remaining chicken stock for cooking, best for cooking mushroom soup.

2.  取1杯鸡高汤,在小锅内 加入全部的B调味料(除了黑胡椒),喜欢当归药材味道的妈妈们可以加入两三片当归, 小火煮15分钟至出味。
In a saucepan, combine and simmer 1 cup of chicken stock and all seasonings (except black pepper) for 15 minutes.  For those who enjoy Dang Gui's aroma, add in 2~3 slices of the herb.

3.  把调味煮好的鸡高汤(包括香料)倒进大炒锅内, 加入拆丝的鸡胸肉, 搅拌均匀后才开火炒。 当炒锅够热时, 要把火调小, 耐心慢火炒至鸡肉丝干燥蓬松, 撒上黑胡椒/胡椒粉即可。最后妈妈们也可以把炒干的肉松再进一步用微波炉中低火稍微烘个几分钟, 以确保肉松干透, 避免变质。
Pour the flavored chicken stock (including the spices )into a wok, add in the flossed chicken breast, stir well and start the frying process.  Remember to turn down the flame once the wok is hot to avoid over burning the chicken floss.  Fry with patience until the chicken floss is thoroughly dried and fluffy. Finally stir in the ground black pepper or white pepper when the chicken floss is ready. You can also transfer the dried chicken floss into a microwavable bowl, further dry out the meat floss by microwave at medium low for a few minutes to ensure that the floss is well dried.

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